New research: Conflict sensitivity for interfaith action

Michelle Garred, PhD, and Johonna McCants-Turner, PhD, recently teamed up to produce two exciting new resources: Far Beyond a Tool: Do No Harm as Spiritual (Trans)Formation for Interfaith Cooperation and Action. This article appears the journal Development in Practice (Aug. 2022). The first 50 downloads are free! ‘Do No Harm’ Brief for Faith Leaders in CommunityContinue reading “New research: Conflict sensitivity for interfaith action”

What is faith-sensitive evaluation?

Fresh from this year’s PeaceCon@10 event, session video is now available for: Faith-Sensitive Design, Monitoring & Evaluation: How Does it Work in Practice? A growing interaction between faith-inspired and secular peace practitioners has led to a new concept: ‘faith-sensitive design, monitoring and evaluation’ (DME). The core proposition of faith sensitivity is that mainstream DME approachesContinue reading “What is faith-sensitive evaluation?”

Social justice in peace program evaluation

Michelle Garred has been reflecting over the past year on the race, ethnicity and power dynamics involved in the trend of American global peacebuilders like herself returning home and re-focusing their attention on the USA. She suggests that global peacebuilders have some useful skills to contribute in this context – but only if they recognizeContinue reading “Social justice in peace program evaluation”