One pebble tossed in the water creates ripples that go far. So too your organization’s plans, actions, and results – they all matter. The work of mission-driven organizations is far from easy, especially within the context of a turbulent social environment.

Ripple Peace Research & Consulting LLC provides strategy, evaluation and learning services for the work of Just Peace. We support mission-driven organizations that work towards Just Peace, whether as their primary mission or an important component of their activities.

What is Just Peace?’ Peace is interpreted in many different ways, so it’s important to communicate what it means at Ripple. Peace is not simply the absence of fighting. It is the presence of collective social wellbeing including healthy relationships, fair social systems, and constructive ways of addressing disagreements. The Just Peace approach reminds us that peace requires equity and demands nonviolent methods.

Ripple’s specialty is working with faith-inspired changemakers to help diverse societies thrive. We help our partners blend rigor with spirit to strengthen their programs. In this way, we integrate evidence-based analysis with deeply-held core values on Just Peace, identity and social change. Ripple works globally, including the increasingly fragile USA.