Published On: June 4, 2024
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Ripple Peace Research & Consulting is delighted to announce a significant Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change update! A new Guide is available for free download.

Outcome Harvesting, originally developed by Ricardo Wilson-Grau, is especially well-suited for monitoring and evaluating social change initiatives in complex contexts. Unlike traditional approaches, it identifies emergent changes instead of trying to predict specific outcomes in advance. It focuses on observable behavior change because behavior is the building block of impact.

At the same time, some programs also involve unseen, internal change. For example, attitudes are crucial in building relationships and solidarity across diverse communities, advancing gender equity or promoting climate action. In such programs, integrating attitude change data into Outcome Harvesting provides a more complete understanding of the process of “change inside and out.”

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The new Guide, which provides step-by-step guidance for Outcome Harvesting evaluators, was collaboratively developed by Michelle Garred, Min Ma and the Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change Advisory Team. It builds on twenty evaluations and forty colleague inputs to offer our newest lessons and tips. It provides an experienced-based update of the 2020 trial version toolkit, originally published by Tearfund, and still available in a style well suited to program implementers.

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