Outcome Harvesting Plus Attitude Change

Ripple has teamed up with Tearfund to integrate attitude change research into Outcome Harvesting. Here’s why.

Outcome Harvesting is well suited for monitoring and evaluating social change initiatives in complex contexts. In such contexts, it is extremely difficult to predict specific results. Outcome Harvesting is not based on preconceived plans. Instead, it enables a program team to identify, substantiate and analyze the outcomes to which they have already contributed. An ‘outcome’ is defined as an observable change in the behavior of an individual, group or organization. Behavior changes are truly the building blocks of impact. 

At the same time, there are some programs in which attitudes also matter a great deal. When nurturing peace across lines of religious or ethnic identity, or when seeking to advance gender equity, attitudes are centrally important. Achieving outcomes often requires the unseen transformation of internal perceptions, fears, emotions, opinions, knowledge, beliefs and/or spirituality. We integrate attitude change into Outcome Harvesting in situations where attitude change is essential to achieving or understanding the program results. This helps us to better comprehend and nurture the process of social change.

We invite you to try out the Outcome Harvesting + Attitude Change Toolkit, and share your experiences and feedback. If you need support, facilitation or training, don’t hesitate to call on us.